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  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Communication, Language & Literac
  • Mathematical & Logical Development
  • Knowledge & Understanding of the World
  • Physical & Creative Development
Setting up a school curriculum is a skill. Kinder Garten school is the phase when the toddlers come out from the secure home environment for the first time and are trained to mingle with peers and teachers and to adapt to the school environment. The concept of learning a whole new variety of skills is completely alien for them. The school schedule is for a couple of hours each day and the programs need to be squeezed in during that time. The curriculum requires variety of games and activities that enhance the physical, social, intellectual and psychological skills of the toddlers. It needs to compliment the curriculum for LKG & UKG. The toddlers are an age group that is tremendously active and require change and engaging activities. They love to explore, observe and grasp and learn quickly. They also hail from diverse socio economic backgrounds and speak varied languages. Every child is different with a varied level of energy and understanding. We provide curriculum services for best curriculum for playgroup, kindergarten curriculum, and nursery curriculum in India. All these factors need to be considered while designing the school curriculum. Interactive games, puzzles, physical games and sports can be introduced. Creative activities like drawing, modeling with clay and blocks also holds their interest. Language, alphabets and numbers can be introduced through poems and songs. You can work on these aspects by studying various samples of curriculum like international preschool curriculum, early childhood curriculum, and international curriculum from other preschools and also by consulting experts from the fields of education and child psychology.

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HIG-7, Behind Anand Nagar Bus Stop, Adhartal Jabalpur, (M.P.) 482001
Phone: 0761-4014710, 9009999432
Email: thekidsfoundationschool@gmail.com
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