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We “Kids Foundation” are working in the field of academics since last Six years and we have been successfully guiding many aspiring entrepreneurs who wants to start their own venture in academics that is opening their pre nursery and kinder garten school.
  • Starting new school set up
  • Guiding & Supporting Existing School set up
  • School Branding, Marketing and Advertising
  • Academic Administration & Coordination
  • Curriculum Designing, Curriculum Evaluation & Publishing
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Event Organizing
  • Regular monitoring of overall activities
    Branding, Marketing and advertising are the 3 essentials for any business today.
Schools are considered to be a prospective business and face a lot of competition from the small and big brands in the market. Creating your own school brand, coming up with new marketing strategies and advertising it are the skills that you need to possess as a business person. You can even hire professional help to get these tasks done. Other skills like curriculum planning, custom school worksheet designing are also inevitable. We are consultants and help you understand how to advertise school in. School brand marketing can be done through various channels like television, radio, newspapers, pamphlet circulation and mouth to mouth publicity. Erecting hoardings in your locality also helps a great deal. This is the first step of advertising. The result of this is the flow of enquiries from your potential customers who are none other but parents. We provide consulting in school advertising ideas in India. As schools constitute a service industry, and that too related to the security and education of the tiny tots, you need to prove yourself to the stakeholders. Parents are aware of the competition in schooling and come prepared with information and queries. They demand the best of education and infrastructure facilities for their kids. In case they do not find them with you, they know they can get them at the school just round the corner. It is advisable to research on projecting of school admission in India.

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HIG-7, Behind Anand Nagar Bus Stop, Adhartal Jabalpur, (M.P.) 482001
Phone: 0761-4014710, 9009999432
Email: thekidsfoundationschool@gmail.com
website: www.kidsfoundationschool.in

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